I need a Delta Pidgey (I Have IV stone)

Trading Name: LemonBoi4

Offer: IV stone

Request: Delta Pidgey

Further info: I accedentaly killed my delta Pidgey i need a new one i have iv stone because i am at the first abyssal cult leader battle

I have a Delta Pidgey I’m willing to trade, but IDK if I CAN trade at all b/c I’m in China and there is no VPN on my computer. I can try though :neutral_face:

if you had a vpn and u tried to trade u would’ve been banned
yes you can trade from china unless there is something i dont know

What time are you available?I’m available rn (hopefully), Beijing time is a bit weird tho.
Trade username is Broken_Cosmic

i am avalible right now

Welp, I think that came in when I was asleep. Like I said, Beijing time is v. weird so how bout lets work out a time that works?
(dear god, trading is complicated)

is now good

and now

i was in school… :disappointed: welp, im available tomorrow at around 4 or 5 o’clock at Beijing time. Sorry this is taking so long :cold_sweat:


I’m online rn, maybe we can do it now? :slight_smile:

is now fine

online now, sry I didn’t see this :frowning:
we’re never online at the same times :confused:

if you guys were clever you would write the date ahead of time instead of logging in at different times

Then we aren’t clever lol, not everyone can plan ahead

Im bogged down with a lot of school stuff, idk if I can trade that soon. How about tomorrow at 7:00 (Beijing time)?I’ll see what time it is in your time zone.

By the way, what time zone were u in again :confused:

am or pm

for you

He is asking what time zone you are in.

i know u was asking if he meant 7 am or pm for them I am in new York time zone