I may have miscalculated

I just defeated Nyx and Giratina spawned. I want to catch it, but have only 20 ultra balls, 13 timer balls and 4 great balls.
My questions:

a) Can I get it later on?
b) Any Tips?

a no you cant get it later on
b save and reset until u catch it
f12 is the soft reset key

Thanks, in which order should I use my Pokeballs?

i dont know how the math works with timer balls preferrably just use ultra balls and reset

YES! I caught him!
Didn’t notice I had my Haxorus holding a Dusk Ball, took it off and threw it at him, caught him at full health First Ball :smiley:

Sweet that’s some insane luck right there.
I caught it in a Heavy Ball but not before throwing a bunch of Ultra Balls first. I had the Master Ball but wanted to challenge myself.

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