I lost my items

Hey there insurgence team…
if you read this message then i just want you guys to know that i really enjoy your game

But i have a condition to report…right now i’m experiencing a bug that makes me lose all items that my party pokemon hold.
items i lose are the following :

  • Blackglasses (i’m okay at losing this)
  • D.venusaurite
  • D.scizorite
  • D.typhlosionite

I can’t find a way to retrieve my items back…
if i could i’ll let you guys know and send my apologies…

If i remember correctly…i’m about to rematch the E4 when i realize my party was holding nothing…
my current game version is 1.2.3 core and i need those items…lol
i’m sorry to say that i can’t just start a new game…i work hard to train my pokemon…
my trainer ID is 64717 (i’m sure you can find me)
but please tell me that i could have my items back…

Once again i really enjoy your game!
I’m Z over and out!!!
NB : - I never toss any items
- I never sold any megastones (why would i?)