I just satrted so it would be helpful

Trading Name: ChuBacca

Offer: Delta Charmander, I’ll breed one for you.

Request: Delta Ditto

Further info:

FYI, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get one since d dittos are once per save, and ppl that have them will also very likely also have a d charmander (you can get one when battling prof sylvan postgame if you didn’t get it as your starter). You’d be better off asking for the preferred delta instead :))

If you really want something for you early game, I can give you my D. Bergmite or a Giratina but you will have to wait for a while.

thanks. just let me know what you want and when you want to trade.

ok, sure

Also, it will take about a week or two so can you hang on or do you just want to call the trade off? Because by then, you can get your own giratina and bergmite. If you are still ok, let me know and i will hyu!! If you do not, I will tell you some more pokemon I can give if you are interested! For example, I can give you one or two of the starters if you want!!

I would still like to do the trade, if you would rather trade the starters, that’s ok too.

Ok then. I can do all of them. But each pokemon will cost an IV stone. If you want all of them, you will need at least 4 IV stones. If you can get the IV stones, I will tell you when we can trade. Sound good??

Ok, I am really sorry but my pc broke down and it will take a long time to fix it. I am so sorry. It was supposed to be fixed but now they say it has completely broke down. I am really sorry.

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