I just can't beat the elite four

My team:
Delta Charizard (holding Mega Stone) lvl 97, moves are: Shadow Ball, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Lunar Cannon
Delta Gardevoir (holding Mega Stone) lvl 97, moves are: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave
Delta Haxorus (holding Rocky Helmet) lvl 97, moves are: Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Crunch, Heavy Impact
Delta Chandelure (holding Air Balloon) lvl 97, moves are: Wish, Dazzling Gleam, Flame Burst, Lava Plume
Delta Noivern (holding Miracle Seed), lvl 97, moves are: Flash Cannon, Boomburst, Petal Dance, Petal Blizzard
Delta Bisharp (holding Focus Band) lvl 97, moves are: High Jump Kick, Acrobatics, Cross Chop, Shadow Claw.

I can’t defeat Kayla’s Smeargle fast enough so my pokemon always fall asleep, then it switches to the Sylveon which destroys all of my team. I also have problems fighting Eduard’s Garchomp.

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To beat kayla you should have a taunt user.
instead of delta noivern, you should have delta snorlax. much better mon. and no repeating types.
have just mega charizard and choice scarf gardevoir.
no item for bisharp

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Also haze works, but yeah, taunt is better @JojoBoss247

Also, ya don’t need lunar cannon in charizard, shadow ball is stronger cause of STAB (ghost and dark have almost the same coverage, think that is the right word), u could replace that with confuse ray (one of the most underated moved, helped me a lot)

I never even thought about taunt, thank you so much!
I also have been training my delta munchlax (has seed bomb and giga drain, I’m also planning on giving it grass knot)

Here is a moveset that i used before. it could help u

Rule #3:
Never have more than 1 Pokémon holding a Mega Stone. Your Gardevoir should have a Choice Scarf with these moves:
-Ice Beam
-Earth Power

Thanks to Choice Scarf, Gardevoir outspeed almost any unboosted Pokémon. This moveset also able Gardevoir to Revenge Kill any of the Champion’s Pokémon. Keep in mind she is frail, so any move does serious damage.

ok so

get rid of dragon dance and lunar cannon on delta charizard, replace it more coverage or confuse ray, and I’d not have it as your mega and go for maybe specs. pretty sure it learns taunt too

Delta gardevoir get rid of thunder or thunderbolt, doesn’t matter which one you replace, your decision with calmind or a coverage move

Delta Haxorus. Not sure what heavy impact is but I’m assuming giga impact so, you may want to replace it with earthquake or a fang move. You can also go with a double dance set, autotomize, swords dance, iron head, aqua tail/ waterfall

delta chandelure. you might wanna go for a choice scarf set so getting rid of wish, flame burst, and lava plume for flamethrower, energy ball, dazzling gleam, flash cannon/dark pulse
too bad you didn’t get to moonblast with delta lampent

Noivern get rid of petal blizzard for heat wave

bisharp get rid of cross chop and shadow claw and acrobatics, give it a choice scarf to patch it’s speed and maybe go for high jump kick, bounce, u turn ( if you have it) or one of the elemental punches (OR blaze kick if you’re going for fire punch), stone edge

Double Scarf don’t seems great for adventure. Again, D.Gardevoir is a better overall user of Choice Scarf in my opinion, especially against E4.