I just beat a Nuzlocke and I have a few questions

Hi there,

I just beat the game in a Challenge Mode (Nuzlocke + Iron Man) and now I’d like to know if it’s possible to terminate these rules so I can revive the Pokémon that died during the playthrough. And also to prevent Iron Man from deleting my save file now that I beat the game (Finished E4 + Champion).

Is it possible? If so, how?

I believe it’s possible to forfeit the nuzlocke by having all pokemon in your party defeated, but I’m not sure the Ironman challenge can be forfeit.

The Iron Man Challenge is about deleting my save file if my character ‘blacks out’ by having his team wiped. So if I do this I might lose the save. :frowning:

Has anyone here ever been through this? Really wanted to revive my fallen Pokémon. They are heroes.

Hmm I’ll add an option to forfeit Ironman challenges from the menu during the next patch.

Hey thanks bro, appreciate it! I won’t mess with that save anymore before the next patch arives then.