I have an empty slot in my party

I have an empty slot in my party and need help deciding on which Pokémon I should get. I just started the post game and I’m in Holon. Tips on the movesets would also be appreciated.aegislash charizard d venusaur greninja haxorus


DAMN, A SHINy HAXORUS? @jerewryy , nice

Or is it just a recolor?
I don’t remember how it looks lol

yeah its a recolor lol

Ok lol, I wish this thing was the original shiny of haxorus, IT IS SO COOL


I am not really able to help ya with ya team, I really suck at team building, sorry


Seriously, these are amazing movesets.

What I could suggest you is a Grass Type to complete your Fire-Water-Grass core. The likes of Serperior or D.Snorlax would fits well.


I am not a master at team biuding
but think that yuor team is a hyper offensive one
a team made for attack and obliterate
Soo a think this team needs or a hazard user to help sweep
or another sweeper
soo i think 2 good mons to you team is or

Shuckle @berry juice
any nature tat boos defence or sp.defense
-Stick web
-Steath rock


Delta scizor @choice band
Adamant nature
Touck claws
-Ice shard
-Night slash/Pursuit
-Close combat
-Icicle crash

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Using this set, Delta Sciter is more optimal dinde that have the same attack stats, but Sciter is faster.

in this case he heve need the use the ability super luck
cause hustle lower the accuracy

Hustle is far better cause of the move hone claws

the problem is that in the middle time you set up
the scyter might already die by a move cause ice/fighting is not a good defensive type y’know

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Still, hustle may lower accuracy, but together with a life orb, it does serious damage.

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But a miss can cost a match
so is one is super luck for a safe damege wiht choise band
and high risk high reward wiht hustle and life orb

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Yeah, that is true

Also, ice cleats is good in a hail team

In this case
the own scizor/scyther hould have to setup the hail
and only he would use the hail
screwed up his onw team by making the blizzard 100% acuratly
and mega charizard wold destroyed the weather too wiht the drough ability

Give gren Protean and expert belt or specs and you’re basically good to go. good team building overall, tho yes you could complete the fwg core as you already have the fsd core. a dedicated lead such as mew with taunt spikes stealth rock and explosion wouldn’t be bad either or screens support from meowstic or klefki.


you can just use a focus sash to get a hone claws, or use it in front of a wall to boost

it’s not in every team you will have a wall, and there some team that have a steath rock just to break trough sashes/sturdys and have a safe sweep

but that can work too soo I don’t discredit