I have a problem with the launcher

So basicly iam still using the launcher but ui havent played for a while and i basicly wanted to play again but when i loaded the launcher this has happened

so i then the launcher opened and mostly it was blank and the play button was saying waiting so when i tried to reinstall another box apeared and it went back to waiting and this cycle happened multiple times as i tried to recover the launcher. pls help if you know how

The launcher is broken. Just download the core.

ok then and will the save file from the launcher work

Since you’re on windows, saves will transfer between cores, the launcher, and other cores automatically.

but i tried it and it needs rgssad file not rxdata file is there a way to convert it?

Rgssad and rxdata files are not convertible. I mean, they’re pretty unrelated too. One is basically the game itself (rgssad) and the other is the save (rxdata).

and how shall i do it then and thanks for helping

It should have came with the core. If it’s not, the extraction/download probably went wrong so you should try again.

what went wrong?

The downloading of the files. The specifics probably don’t matter.

oh ok and then how with the save file recovery from the launcher?

They’re both stored in your “saved games” folder within your users folder. That means it automatically transfers between clients.

i did not happened i didnt got any option to recover the old game

It’s not an option, it should have been loaded up automatically. To be sure, go to this directory and check for any files ending with rxdata:

Windows: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence

oh thanks i will try

i tried doing as you said i placed it in the saved games folder but nothing happened the game didnt apeared please could you help i know i might want too much but could you try to run mine files if the problem is on my site or the file here is a downoload no need everything solved now thanks

How do you download the core? I don’t get it.

It’s everywhere where the Launcher is available. You just download it, Extract the folder with a program like Winzip, Winrar, 7Zip, etc, open the folder, and run the game. Simple stuff.

ohhhhh ok thank you