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I got softlocked after failing to beat zenith

I was softlocked after repeatedly failing to beat zenith at the infernal base and I can’t find any info about it is there a way to go back to by previous saves to before the softlock?

How many times have u saved since getting stuck?

Yes there is a way to load previous saves, but only up to 3.

This is where to find ur saves on ur computer:

If your game is on the first save file, copy the save_0_backup u want to try, delete the “game” file, then paste the copied save in and rename it as “game”. It should work but Lmk if u need any more help after that.

Also if you have trouble understanding my instructions, just read this:

I’m not sure how many times I saved all I know is I can’t do anything and there is no info I can find about it but my computer is updating rn so I won’t be able to try until tomorrow thank you for the help though

Sure, let me know if it works :))

Not only did it work but I beat zenith thanks for your help

yay! that’s great :)) Good luck with the rest of your playthrough!

I am now proud to announce that I’m in the post-game and have captured god itself

Ayyy really? Congrats! And if you’re talking about arceus, man that was fast.

It was mostly fast because I had tons of money and spent it all on leveling up my starter