I Can't move how

So I’m just about to talk to the blue girl but suddenly i cant move the only control that works is the fast forward, auto save and the toggle thing

What do you mean?

I just don’t understand, sorry

sorry if u dont understand
the point is i cant move im stuck the only button that works is auto save, toggle auto run and toggle auto save

If you dont still understand im sorry because im not really good in speaking/typing english words ill try though if you still dont understand

So you’re unable to walk?

yup and cant use the menu too (the menu/cancel button)

Does the soft reset button(F12) work? Is it just once you start the save or is it from when you open the game itself(are you able to navigate to the other options like save files, mystery gift etc?

the soft reset button works
and the save files, mystery gifts works too .

That’s weird. It sounds similar to a keyboard buffer memory issue but usually it’d just be one key that’d get sent repeatedly.

Only things I can suggest disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard and restarting your computer.

wait so heres the problem i can open my game i can check the savefiles i can check the mystery gift i can check the options but when i play the game the only thing i can use are quick save, auto save, toggle auto run, speed up, the action button ,map refresh ,soft reset the only keys that dont work when playing it is the arrow keys (my moving keys) and the menu button

sorry its that i dont know what your saying on how disconnect and reconnect your keyboard thing

but still my point is I cant move and im stuck now im redownloading it again (idk why)

So i redownload it and still nothing happened im still stuck cant move
should i make a new game or still hope that it will work?

if this is for computer i cant do this im using laptop

Are you sure that you(or someone else) didn’t remap your controls? Check the controls, it’s just below the mystery gift option.

Welp, try restarting and then try updating your keyboard drivers if restarting fails.

I check my controls and it was right
I’m just gonna play on file 2 playing it again i guess ( I think I cause too much for a simple answer which is play in another file)

sorry i just dont know about keyboard that much im not smart to know things like this no one taught me about these things but if you know or anyone know how to fix this problem in insurgence little bit easy ill be so thankful but for now ill just be playing it again ( its a good thing i know some easy level up)

thx sleepy for trying to help me though

Try reloading a backup (though I’d guess your backups are all the same now that you’ve saved a bunch). Are you on a laptop? On a desktop you can try to unplug and replug the keyboard, which is what sleepy was saying.

It may be an issue with the game code: I got stuck in a rueka post game event for the hiking boots and accidentally saved, rendering the save file completely useless. However, the launcher may fix some of the freezing issues. (I understand my problem was cut scene specific, but it’s worth a try)