I can't battle Blue

In the Challenge Championship, it never lets me battle Blue when I get paired with him. I always get kicked out before the battle starts.

The battle championship is extremely buggy. In fact, it seems the only working reward is the tube pass. Just get it to do the battle tube and go.

Does the Battle Tube have the Gym Leaders and Champions? Also why not include the Elite 4? And where’s Diantha?

The battle tube is literally just a buncha youtuber trainers that you fight so you can get delta golett.

The Challenge Championship was built on the same system as the Pokemon World Tournament from B2/W2. The PWT did not feature Elite 4 members. However, this will be changed in the next patch to include E4 members.

Because the Challenge Championship is based on the PWT system as it appeared in B2/W2, X/Y Gym Leaders and Diantha were not included. I am, however, willing to add in X/Y trainers to the Challenge Championship, with the biggest obstacle being that I need the sprites for them first.