I am in a dilemma

So 1.2 is out and i decided to restart the game.Is it worth to take the eevee or should i stick to a delta?

I recommend eevee as it’s the most fun, but delta venusaur is the easiest and delta squirtle is the hardest.

Thanks for the tip man,will probably follow your advice and pick an eevee!

Yeah delta squirrel kinda sucks xD I mean hes good but hard to use and Venusaur seems op. But also u can catch an eevee in the friend safari

You’ll miss out on the eevite though. Since it’s a third slot, you gotta beat the Elite 4 to get it unless you choose it as your reward from Sylvan later in the game.

Please dont spoil anymore i have gotten only to the 4th badge pls :smiley: