Hunt the legendary beasts?

Hello! After my long break from pokemon insurgence, I’m back! Well anyway, I’m continuing the legendary hunt, and I’m going to hunt the legendary breasts but, I want it to be the easiest way possible, to hunt the legendary beasts, (and Cresellia and any other roaming legends I’m forgetting).

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Good luck with that! Not sure if you knew, but the legendary beasts’ encounter rates can be immensely boosted by having pokemon of certain abilities in your party. It’s specific to whichever beast you’re hunting for. Here’s the list:
Entei: Flash Fire and Blaze Boost
Raikou: Volt Absorb and Lightning Rod
Suicune: Water Absorb and Storm Drain

Thanks! And is there any way to boost Cresellia’s rate?

Tragically, Cresselia is stuck at a 1/15 encounter rate in its respective area. The legendary beasts start at 1/60 and move up to at most 1/10 depending on how many pokemon of the previously mentioned abilities are in your party (at least, I think having multiple mons in your party helps).

Ok. But, thanks anyways!

Sure. Again, good luck hunting!

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Yes it does help. But you can’t stack more than 2. So the best rate you can get it is 1/10 for each dog. Tho since all these rates are independent of each other, have all the dogs at the best rate would mean you technically have a 3/10 of encountering a dog

Also good luck on your cressilia hunt. You can’t use charm to hunt it cuz if you have it registered in your dex it won’t randomly spawn. So youre stuck with the insane odds of 1/61k

Oh! This is late to ask but for the full “discount” for the multiplier does the pokemon have to have different abillities? (what I mean is for Scicune Do the pokemon have to have Water Absorb and Storm Drain for the full “discount”, or can I just have Pokemon that have Water Absorb and Water Absorb for the full “discount”).

I think you get a boost once for each ability in the party. I’m not too sure, but from what I know I’d recommend one of each in your party.


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