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HP Fire Froakie/Ditto lmao

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: 4-5 IV Stones/ 3-5 Bredmons

Request: A Froakie/ Ditto with Optimal HP Fire IVs

Further info: Have Been trying to breed a HP Fire Froakie lmao, still haven’t managed to get it lmao

Hey, you still need it? I got one just right now, no HA tho

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Yeah I do, it’s ability doesn’t matter at all, I have dream mists I can use, what would you want for it?

A bred Dwebble (Unova) and an IV stone is okay, my trade name is Zundalf and i live at GMT+7

What is your timezone and the time you can trade? so i can try to match it. I can online as long as I’m free (busy time at 10 A.M to 12 P.M on tuesday and 8-10 A.M on Thurday, sleep time usually at 11/12 P.M to 4 A.M, GMT+7)

note: sometime i sleep at day as well if i don’t have anything to do lol

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I am in EEST, also, getting the dweble would take some time as I don’t have any bred lmao. I could possibly trade at 2.30 PM EEST (Considering I have gotten the dweble by that point) @Rihkabar

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BTW, what nature do u want for it? Jolly? Adamant , I will go for Adamant if u don’t respond kek

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Sorry, was eating. Yes, I prefer adamant, I want an aggressive one for late sweeper

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Hey, expect to have the dwebble in 20 or so minutes

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Hey, I got the dwebble

Let me just give it an iv stone to hold and then we can trade. @Rihkabar

cool, imma open the game now

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Got it!

BTW, can I have a screen shot of the froakie? Just to make sure it’s HP Fire

sure, please double check, also I have one more if it’s not

I am gonna check the HP Type Chart pretty quick, HP just confuses me lmao ,so complicated to get a desired hp type on a mon

Just checked, it is

IKR, I fell proud just to finally breed a HP fire froakie lmao

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the only bad thing is that this froakie’s HP fire only has 36 BSP lmao

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So, yeah, I am ready to trade

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:rofl: yeah that was unfortunate

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