Hows my team look for the pokemon league?


Eevee - eevite
Ability: Adaptability
Ice beam
Foul Play

Typhlosion - typloshionite
Ability: Blaze
Aerial Ace
Quick Attack(more useful than u think)

Delta Muk - none
Ability: Regurgitation(grass type)
Sludge Wave

Delta Typhlosion - Delta typhlosionite
Ability: Motor Drive
Flash Cannon
Aerial Ace

Delta Ambipom - none
Ability: Infiltrator
Thunder Wave
Fake Out
Shadow Claw
Destiny Bond

Tyranitar - Tyranitar Armor
Ability: Sand Stream
Dragon Dance
Stone Edge

I think theres too many megas. Try to build a team around just one of those (it s in-game team,so maybe 2 will be okay…but 3 is too Much,cuz thyphlosion and dtyphlosion not Mega are not so good)
And Water and ground moves destroy 80% of Your team
You can use something bulky like Delta Snorlax instead of Delta Typhlosion, to resist both water and ground

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ok thanks ill take out dtyphlosion then. also i thought delta snorlax was only abailable in a mystery gift a while ago…
originally i was gonna only keep dtyphlosion until i could get the delta dragonite anyways for a different electric type but i can swap it until then :slight_smile:

You can find a Delta Munchlax inside an hidden grotto in route 8 :smile:

awesome thanks man!

just caught it with thick fat ability, any tips for a moveset?

Yeah,thick fat is perfect :slight_smile:
You can use a bulk up set with synthesis,bulk up,seed bomb and EQ
Or using it as toxic staller

cool thanks ill go for the bulk up set then. with leftovers yeah?


aqwesome haha im just hunting bulk up and seed bomb tutor now

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