How much is Lizzy worth?

Trading Name: nated

Offer: Lizzy

Request: IV Stones

Further info: I won’t trade until I get an answer about how much it’s really worth. Dayday, you have the right to match any offers I get here.

Four stones ok?

meaning you think its worth the same amount as a 5IV pokemon with egg moves and nature?

@cow538 are you looking for one? dayday just offered 4, and since i offered it to him first i’m giving him the right to match. If you care to outbid him, I didn’t promise anything

I’m not going to offer more than five, but I really need this lizzy… My friend and I were trading and my lizzy vanished in trade. He feels like shit and I want to get one for him

Hope dayday lets me have it

@dayday its up to you. strictly so i’ll give it to you for 5. your call though.

ill give 6 if i aint to late XD its a char and they’re my bae

It’s gone


Wasn’t I gonna pay you for some training?

yeah i cant get into my game atm though, i cant get into most things on my computer atm, im having…problems hahahah

I can try to help, can you get on discord?

my mate has control of my computer haha, he’s sorting everything :stuck_out_tongue: will be done soon, it just took longer than expected

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