How is this rayquaza build?

Rayquaza item:Life Orb, Ability: Air Lock

Dragon Pulse
Air Slash

EV trained in s atk and spd and nature is modest

uhh so, in general you may want to use specs rather than life orb, but whatever you like is fine, you may want to get rid of crunch for flamethrower. and get rid of thunder bolt for maybe earth power or different coverage for steels. You also may want to have a nuke in draco meteor rather than dragon pulse

If you use Modest, never run physical attack bar few exceptions.

In your case, Timid Nature is more optimal to outspeed Max invested base 90 Legendary (very frequent in Uber). One good strategy for SpecsQuaza is to run Surf and destroy the Primal Groudon who this his sun is still active (Spoiler: Air Lock cancel his immunity). Modest is fine though.

im in randomizer and at e4, so i need to search hard for items and TMs so ill try my hardst to find all this and get it

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