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How is my team? RadRed

How do u get so many shines :thinking:

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When I Played this game Aegislash was a great use

It had

King Shield
Sacred Sword / Iron Head
Shadow Sneak
Swords Dance

Shiny rates high

Not only in this game i mean in like almost every other game he plays lmao

Luck. Boltund was from dexnav iirc. Dexnaved it accidentally after dexnaving audinos

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Lmao that’s not true. I haven’t gotten one in insurgence since the mew I got in April. Excluding the shinies I have from trades ofc

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MMeeeeeeeeewwwww !

Youre really lucky

Nah, he went on a month-long shiny hunt at some point.

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Yeah,that was on rayquaza. Which i never got :((((

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I got a shiny raq on my 2nd SR lol

Man To say the truth

" You’re very Lucky "

LETS GOOOOO, I beat the game. Since screenshots arent being sent fsr, my team was the same, excluding breloom and frosmoth,whom i left in the pc to usr galar zapdos and spectrier. That is because on my first try on the e4 , in which i lost lance, these two mons didnt contribute anything at all. They were just in my party,dying when they switched in. Spectrier and Mega Gyarados carried me, while galar zapdos was rly good. Krookodile was very nice,getting some nice KOs, and chatot and boltund, while they didnt do a lot, they were there when i needed them, with chatot destroying everything unresisted to boomburst , and with boltund paralyzing or biting the opponent mons.