How grindy is this game?

Hey all, I recently found this game and it looks pretty interesting. However, I’ve never enjoyed grinding in pokemon. How grindy is this game? Also, is there an XP share system, and does it use the 1 or all pokemon system?

the “grindy-ness” rlly depends on how far you want to go. there are over 900 pkmn in the game, so if you want that shiny charm ya rlly gotta grind for that (it’s taken me around 3 yrs and I still have a few more pkmn to go lmao). Completing the game, if you define it as defeating the Elite Four, take the normal amount of time, as long as you get a decent team together. There are, however, A TON of pretty deep post-game quests that actually have their own storyline and everything. So again, it really depends on how far you want to go. And ofc you don’t have to do it all in one shot; it’s a typical pkmn game in that you can easily pick it up months after stopping.

There isn’t an xp share system, but there are places where you can buy xp shares as well as places where you can pay a little bit of money to easily level up your pkmn. also, you get the normal amount of xp after catching pkmn, which is pretty nice.

That sounds good. By grindy I just mean unnecessary like excessive level grinding or whatever that only exists to pad run time, like a lot of older mainline games. I love the sound of a deep postgame and large pokedex though! Thanks for the response

No problemo man!
If you like that sort of stuff, this game is definitely for you. Enjoy!