How good is Mega Eevee?

Starting to wonder if Mega Eevee is viable as a lead/sweeper, not necessarily for competitive play. What would be a good move set for it? Thinking Thunderbolt / Ice Beam / Hydro Pump / Psychic with a nature that boosts Sp.Atk and 255 Sp.Atk/Speed EVs.

It is pretty good, and I think thunderbolt/psychic/moonblast or ice beam/foul play will work pretty well

I used to run my Mega Eevee like this:

Eevee w/Eevite Adaptability, Timid 252SpA/252Spe/4Def Swift (more of a defensive move, immunity to Ghost) Moonblast Thunderbolt Psychic

for gameplay, just fly to Helios now and then and change the moves. For example, heres what I did: Gym East: thunderbolt moonblast ice beam , and hydro pump anastasia-Flare blitz leaf blade (great defense, electricity) foul play and whatever.

The great thing is you can run anything. For a random route megastones set is good. On any level but hard (on which you might lose with this set) I run a mixed attacker, using a mild nature (defense is bad on most sp. attack forms anyway) with Att. and Sp. Att. EVs. This would be terrible in competitive, but in normal gameplay it works…

now that I had time, though, I have 2 different eevees, for different situations-adamant/jolly and modest/timid.