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How exactly does masuda method work/activate?

Is it based on location or language? If language then if your savefile is, say english(US) and you get a ditto from english (Australia), for example, will it activate?


Yup, if your Language is English US, a ditto from English Australia would activate masuda

It would?

Just look here, anywhere except where you are in you can get a masuda ditto from.
If it’s a normal pokemon game there’s ways to see if it’s from somewhere else.

ive seen that chart, but masuda method relies on language. its looks at your language then decides the location. that why i asked if different english work

How do you check the number you are assigned?

You can’t, you just look at what region of earth you are in.

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That’s the problem, I know I live in Denmark, but I don’t know how the system registers my region.
Parts of my computer language is either English, German, Danish or Chinese…
I wish the developers would implement a feature to discern this, or at the very least tell us how it works.

I haven’t changed any of this since I installed the game, so what do you think I will be?

Every Pokemon spawned has variables which determine the ivs,shiny,nature etc. There is a variable called “language” the language variable is the one masuda method uses to determine the region. The language variable is determined by the “locale language thing” on ur pc in case u don’t know how to check it here example:if your locale language is “English (TORREN)” the variable to TORREN and if it was “English (KALOS)” it would be set to kalos. (Note all the torren and kalos things are made up)

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Well, rip. Apparently I’m American

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necro but thx for specifying