How do You Change Your Username?

Pretty much the title says it all.

Username on what? Here? Your online name?

Ask an admin or mod. I asked aboodie for a capital C in my name and my wishes were granted

If you mean trade name, ask if it’s okay to make a new trade account

Here, but Cow already answered my question. Thanks anyway!

How should I ask a mod? PM or should I just comment in a post? Or can I ask you since your a Cultist Administrator?

I asked in the general discord chat. If you have a discord account you could probably do the same.

“Cult Adminstrator” just means I’ve checked the website and/or posted something for 100 days in a row. It doesn’t give me any power or anything.

I tried asking Deuk to capitalise the p in my name, but he said that they don’t change names like that because it messes stuff up.