How do i win against Nyx?

I’ve been stuck at this fight for almost 2 hours
I’m almost giving up at the game because this just seems undoable to me
His Greninja is anti-strategy because he can change types so i cant strategize against him
Khangaskhan has moves that are strong against most of my team and somehow it can outspeed everyone(also, Mega Khangaskhan ability is really unfair)
And his other Pokémon have typings that cancel out their weaknesses(at least for the types of my pokemon)
Most of the weaknesses that dont get canceled out are with types that i dont have

So,please,help me in this, i dont want to drop this game, but this fight is pissing me too much.

(I didn’t knew where to put this topic, but i presume it’s in the “Questions” tag)

You could put this tipoic in team discussions, put your team and the fight that you are stuck in, there you’ll know what to do

Okay thx ^^