How do I fix graphics and text?

So I’m new, but I’ve watched gameplay. After downloading the 1.2.5 version, I have noticed that my graphics are a lot different from gameplay I’ve watched, which have been 1.2 and above. Also in the startup screen I have giratina, compared to others who may have heatrean or mew. Any solutions>slimewater slimewater2


Mmm are you opening the right version? In your trainer card what version does it say?

i am opening the one that says game in a red explosion thing. heres the card

I, uh, think you downloaded the wrong patch, my friend. That’s an issue. We are on 1.2.6. YOU are on 1.2.3.

okay im on 1.2.6 but i still have the problem. also i cant even turn around anymore, it makes me walk even if i tap it, so i cant talk to mew…

There was a specific way that you had to download it if you weren’t on 1.2.5. Did you do that?