Houndour or Larvesta?

Still early in game (just reached the desert) and trying to figure out a fire type to add to my current team (which i expect to change over time) I have either Houndour or Larvesta (via an in game trade) on my mind, and not sure which to pick.

I currently have Delta Charizard, Delta Gardevoir, Azumarill, Claydol, and Golbat (soon to be a crobat).

If there is a different fire type you think will do better for me please feel free to tell me! Thank you very much.

Volcarona is going to be a much better fit in my opinion. It has far better coverage and stats. The big thing is that Larvesta is kinda trash and it doesn’t evolve until lv. 59, whereas Houndour evolves at lv. 24 and is almost immediately useful.

As for other decent fire types that are available to you at this point, You can pick up a Litleo through the friend safari, Growlithe can be pretty good with a little breeding, and if you are willing to spend some time at the game corner there is Delta Litwick.