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Hoping for a mon with acitve Pokerus

Trading Name: Weirdwalker

Offer: 6 IV Honedge, or 5 IV Honedge’s

Request: Any mon with Pokerus

Further info:

I no can give ya one. About to sleep. Tomorrow sound good?

Sure, I’m at the Philippines though so it’s 10 AM here
What time were you thinking?

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Uh…lemme see

How about 9 am for you tomorrow sound?

That works great, thanks so much!

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Lol np!!

Welcome to the community weirdwalker!

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Thanks a bunch!
Me and my friends are doing a group playthrough and one of them isn’t quite at where we’re at
While waiting we’re all shiny hunting
love this game!

Also, if ya have discord, join the insurgence discord

I don’t have one
But if I do, I’ll join the discord

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Hey, I don’t think I can trade today
There’s a category 3 storm hitting us and our power is out
Sorry for the trouble


hope u and ur family stay safe :pray:

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Oof I couldn’t either. Stay safe!

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