Hoopa-Unbound: Does/Did not learn Hyperspace Fury

Just wondering, met Hoopa at level 90 and transformed it into it’s unbound form before using it. But then I saw on the wiki that it learns Hyperspace fury at level 85. So seeing that went to the move relearner, but can’t relearn Hyperspace Fury WTF !!! Is there another way to get Hyperspace Fury. Does it learn it afterwards like lev 95. I decided to not use it yet to avoid making a mistake. If any of you experienced the same as me or has the answer please let me know :wink:

I think Hyperspace hole turns into fury not sure tho.

You just necroed your last post

Huh i didn’t check date fsr it showed as new.

LoL u r the one who says "dont necro plzz"or smthin like that

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