Holiday 5 IV competitive giveaway

trader name: Poseidenj and I’m the only Poseidenj on discord lol.

(One per person unless demand is slow) following pokes available.

1 adamant huge power azumarill with aquajet

3 Jolly mold breaker Drilbur

11 timid Trapinch

10 timid Gastly.

8 bold regenerator Foongus

13 impish hippopotas with whirlwind and slackoff

11 timid staryu with natural cure

9 relaxed larvitar with pursuit

8 jolly beldum

5 jolly shroomish with poison heal

3 jolly dratini with marvel scale

13 modest charmander

3 jolly totadile with sheer force (DDance and ice punch).

3 adamant torchic with speed boost

10 bold tangela with leech seed and regenerator

10 jolly shroomish with bullet seed and quick feet.

1 timid larvesta with flamebody

Jolly charmander with DDance (in addition to the modest sets. Save it for a future charizardite X).

5 sandrush adamant drilbur (in addition to the moldbreaker set)

timid togepi with nastyplot.

requests: None, but I never say no to other competitive pokes or IV stones.

Could I get a tangela?

Could i get the azumarill please?

Yep. Are you on discord?

Yeah but i can’t trade rn, maybe in a bit.

hmm can i get the shroomish please :slight_smile:?

Poison heal or technician?

EDIT: Poison heal sorry

The Shroomish I have has the hidden ability, so when you evolve it to Breloom it will have technician as it’s ability.

I have poison heal and quick feet (which will become technician) shroomishes.

ok poison heal is nice :smiley:

sure. What’s your trade name?


ill be on discord

hey :slight_smile: could i ask you one of your trapinch ?

hi, can i have one of the staryu’s ?

yes. You can also do more than ask - you can get it!

yes you can.

ok :slight_smile: are you on discord now? if not when is a good time for you

hey poseidenj i wanna ask for one of your dratini’s :slight_smile: thanks

ya now’s fine.