Hiring spriters for a fangame!

So I need some sprites. You can get as creative as you want because I want fakemon. What is the pay you ask? Well, you will get your username in the credits and you will appear in the game as a sprite. Depending on how much work you have done, the position in the game is higher. You can get a chance to even become the region’s professor! Every single sprite should have front and back and no work goes to waste. All pokemon, good or bad, will be in the game. If it is very good, I will ask for a mega. Also, I need dex entries. And all of you get a shot at the starters. As I said, no work goes to waste. The pokemon that are not picked will still be in the game. And the starters need to be dual typed. The dual typing does not have to be a type triangle. For example, the dual typings could be electric, ice, and ground.

hey, I don’t think that’s really worth it lmao

I can give you concepts for pokemon.

Why? What else would be fair payment?

Can’t you sprite it and give it to me?

money, because sprites and concepts take time and effort

Like actual US Dollars?

yea bro, what do you expect? time and effort = money

Eh. I mean, I ain’t that rich.

I’m pretty sure that its illegal to make money off a fangame so that wouldn’t really work

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I am not a spriter. I am more of a concept guy.

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Ok. I will take the concepts! Thanks!

yea, which is why it’s usually a passion project between two friends, but usually people are going to want to get money for their work.