Hidden Power Shop

Trading Name: Trollmaster2111

Offer: Able to breed hidden power ivs on any poke(non delta)(I can only breed hp fire,ice,grass,and water though)

Request: U can either pay me 2 iv stones,1 iv stone and 1 dream mist, one perfect iv pokemon(my definition of perfect is either perfect ivs or 5 ivs being maxed missing the unused stat e.g Weavile missing sp atk iv) or a hp poke

Further info:I will respond faster to my pms in discord. My discord is @Dead Meme#2150. I am planning to make a greater version of this by adding perfect iv mons as well but I intend to breed more of them first. Since i want bredmons so much I guess ill only charge one bredmon instead of 2(the normal price)

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