Help with my team!

New year, new save file (tbh I justt lost it.)

I need help with my team!

Team: D. Venusaur, Haunter, D. Gardevoir, Fraxure, Swampert, Feraligatr.

I want to replace Swampert/Feraligatr for a Fire type but IDK which!

If you got any suggestions for a fire type and which to swap, please tell me! And if you have more suggestions about my other team members, tell me too!

Progress: in Koril Town RN.

Delta Chandelure? It has insane special attack and can learn a lot of cover moves.

I just defeated the Elite 4 in Hard mode with him and it was a super useful.

I recommend dropping Feraligatr and keeping Swampert because Swampert has a good typing. Maybe aim for a Talonflame as your Fire-Type? You can pick up one of the pre-evolutions at the Crossroads right after Suntouched City.

On the other hand, you could try to catch a Vibrava between Koril and Roggan towns. This would let you drop Swampert AND Fraxure, and replace one with a Fire-Type of your choosing, and the other with something else to help round out your team. Maybe a Grass-Type?

I just got it now! Thank you for the help

I dropped feraligatr for a delta litwick and I might get a delta haxorus!!