Help with Hidden Abilites and Moves

Trading Name: RKKhris

Offer: A Dream Mist and a IV stone

Request: Trade the ability from My D.Blastoise and teach My Gengar Sludge Wave and then give it back to me

Further info: I am in hard and this 2 changes will help me a lot

Do you mean focus blast? Focus Punch is an awful move for Gengar. @KKhris

No, it’s really focus punch
I know doesn’t make any sense
but I wanted to try a mixed set for him

Aahhh, Hypnosis-Focus Punch? @KKhris

Substitute+Focus punch
Hypnosis is accuraty
But i can try this

Substitute is not a good move for Gengar actually. It has low defenses , so it would lose it right away(probably). @KKhris

I can use plus the Reflect+Light screen combo n mew in the future for that
Plus, both screens gain more power on the new moon
second the wiki on the weather

Really? I didn’t know that @KKhris

Yes and ghost move
and surf get buffed too

Yeah, I knew about ghost and dark moves and surf getting a boost. @KKhris

Now reading again
In the new moon Darkrai get overpower as hell
Bad dreams and nightmare get’s bossted as well

Yeah, u lose like half your health with nightmare @KKhris

Hey @GiaPeNiw Nightmare
afect normal types? And Hipinosis can hit dark types?

I think they can, cause they are status moves

So a think i can use this over the focus punch thing
Then i think only the trade ability on my blastoise is enough
But a question arrive

I still use nasty plot on him or a trade the move with the new moon

Nasty plot is OP AS HELL, so you should keep it… @KKhris

ok @GiaPeNiw I guess I make my spiritomb my only setter of the new moon
But to tell the truth
Every member of my team can fight wihtout the weather
The weather only bosst the already good movepools and cover the weakeness to fairy

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Can you help me with my request ?

About the Blastoise? @KKhris

The Blastoise and the move trade
Sludge wave over Venoshock