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Help with game not opening

I’ve been having some issues opening the game recently, I’m on Mac and haven’t updated but I accidentally updated xQuartz and since then Insurgence simply won’t run when I click the desktop shortcut and if I try opening using Terminal it comes up with errors, which I’ll list below. Can anyone help?

Hm… this is honestly just an educated guess, but I’d say that Wine doesn’t have the permissions necessary to run Insurgence anymore. You should probably try reconfiguring your Wine settings, or your settings in general and see if that works. Unfortunately, I use Windows, so I’m basing this off of the limited knowledge I have of coding.

Basically, all those errors say are “the software can’t use the font library” and “the software couldn’t make an application window.” Both could probably be fixed with the adjustment of certain settings. If that doesn’t work, sorry, can’t help you.

But on a lighter note, welcome to the Forums!

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Thank you for your help, unfortunately I really don’t have the knowledge to be able to fix these settings. However, if I were to delete everything apart from the save data and then redownload it, is there a chance that this would fix the issue?

Worth a shot.

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