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Help with Breeding

Trading Name: KELVINHJR

Offer: idk

Request: A timid nature Greninja With the moves:Dark pulse,Ice beam,extressionary,scald

Further info:Please help i might give a sa frogadiar;)

Sure, I can send one tomorrow morning. Wut do you mean by SA Frogadier? Also, Protean or Torrent? I can EV train it in SpA and Spe for you if you want

Hi sooo i already got it and now i want help to iv train my pokemon for pvp

u cant iv train but if u mean ev training then there’s an ev trainer in the secret bases the way to get higher its is breeding

Yes i meant ev training it got autocorrected and btw u have 3 IV Stones?

so unfortunately my game is still downloading (I’ve had more issues then I can count) but bc ive played the game b4 I have some amount of knowledge of the game. so in short no I do not have IV stones

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