Help with a team to fight the E4

All right, I’m training up a new team, and I want to beat the E4 for the first time with it. Could anyone help me?

Delta Emolga - Serious (Flash Fire) with Sunny Day, Mystical Fire, Wood Hammer, Dark Pulse;

Delta Metagross (Spider) - Rash (Immunity) with Sticky Web, X-Scissor, Toxic and Earthquake

Delta Misdreavus - Brave (Magic Guard) with Sing, Moonblast, Hyper Voice and Aurora Beam

Giratina - Rash (Pressure) with Aura Sphere, Thunder Wave, Dragon Claw and Hex

Space Mew - Relaxed (Synchronize) with Aura Sphere, Substitute and Psychic

Delta Noivern Relaxed (Solar Power) - with Boomburst, Nasty Plot, Petal Dance and Flash Cannon

I need help with the items and moves, and if should switch anything. I would use M D Metagross to beat Reukra’s D. Volcarona, since it has Mold Breaker.

Hey, it seems you have good coverage for the e4 itself. for emolga do you have both spatk and atk? i think you should remove wood hammer since no STAB and its your only physical move. and flamethrower is more reliable than mystical fire tbh. i cant really think of any good item so maybe just a charcoal. with sunny day and STAB your flamethrower should destroy Yuki.

metagross seems pretty good, since you arent using a megastone you should prob go get it for mold breaker.

misdreavus you can evolve with shiny stone. sing accuracy is 55% almost like dark void and hypnosis, i think you could run a hail with blizzard for 100 percent accuracy, moonblast is fine and if youre going for a semi tank you can give it roost or maybe even calm mind with a leftovers?

giratina with crystal piece. i think will o wisp is better than t wave but thats fine with hex. dragon pulse/claw if youre gonna go special attack.

give mew nasty plot and idk about the item honestly

and noivern seems alright. maybe a life orb will do.

What do you think?

I haven’t beaten the game yet, so I don’t have the crystal pieces anymore. Can I fight the Timeless before the E4?

oh i forgot lol do you have leftovers or something?

yep, 2 from snorlaxes and one from that floatzel in the begining of the game