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Help regarding delta wooper

So i went to vipik city and saw this trunk and left some leftovers in their hoping to see some things happen at night. But nothing happened

then i checked in the wiki page that i had to put a rare candy there for delta sooper to show up after midnight , but to my bad luck it’s already 3 days I’m getting the same interaction while talking with the tree trunk
Please help regarding my query

I bought my d. wooper in version 1.2.3, so I don’t know for certain, but I think you have to check it at exactly midnight.

Source: Other users’ speculations

if it still doesn’t work I’d be willing to trade u one for a rare candy or IV stone :))

I don’t need delta wooper as in now but a delta golett will be good I’ll give an IV stone for it😅

My trade names hulaunicorns. I got one already so hmu when ur ready :))

Random question, but would you be interested in a few d. larvesta eggs with timid nature and 4-5 perfect iVs for an extra IV stones? No pressure if you don’t want to, I just have a ton of extra ones clogging up my PC xD.

Ok tell me the timing at what time you’ll be free to trade I’ll be online