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Help needed

Trading Name: Pichu2003


Request: somethin to defeat LUGIA!!!

Further info: i lost 20 times against it please help…

I can give you a level 50 zebstrika with the zebstrikite and a level 50 reshiram (With whatever moves you want) and a metagross with its mega stone @Shrey

I could also give you higher level mons but they won’t obey you

You could also just grind

Mega D. Charizard w/ phantom force is good or mega delta blastoise w/dark pulse (ONLY HARD MODE bc no stab.)

@GiaPeNiw when can u give it?

Just let me grab the metagrossite and we can trade(You can also keep them afterwards , I don’t have a use for them) @Shrey

I am ready

@GiaPeNiw my trading name is “Pichu2003”

Mine is Kafkinos, also gimme a min to teach them some tutor moves @Shrey

I am ready .

It shows that you are not online…

Oh, forgot to login, sorry, gimme a min.

Tell me when u are done

Wait my internet sucks a bit, I will let you know when I am ready

Send me one more request

Can u wait a min please

Oh, ok @Shrey

Ok done

Ok I sent the request