Help me trade. 6IV Mons and IV stones as reward :)

Trading Name: claustrum

Offer: nothing

Request: nothing

Further info: Looking for help to trade some Pokémon from my corrupted save file to my new one. Can give you some 4-5 IV Charmander, Larvitar and Gible in return if you want :slight_smile: Plus I´m quite new to trading so it might take a little bit!

EDIT: And while I´m at it, since I just found my pre-update safe file: Need also help with transfering almost an entire box of perfect IV mons. As REWARD for helping me, you can have a load of perfect IV mons (Tyranitar, Bagon, Volcarona, Gengar, Starmie, Scizor, Honedge, Garchomp, Sableye, Frokie, Scyther, etc…) and 2 IV stones!

Hang tight, the patch 1.2.3 should fix your glitch. If it doesn’t then I should be able to help.

But now I played ahead on the new save file, caught legendaries etc. and would like to keep it as my main file :slight_smile:

Do you still need help? If so hit me up on Discord @Okondor. I’m also new so patience on both sides I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Can do…as soon as I figure discord out. never used it before as far as I remember. When would you be available?

I’m available pretty much now, have you gotten into Discord yet? Apparently you have to time your trade requests or it doesnt work so real time chat makes it easier

Am in discord now. Trying to contact you :slight_smile:

Sorry if I’m just being stupid, but do you mean 1.2.2? I don’t see a 1.2.3 patch on here.

It’s available on discord, but until the devs are convinced it’s stable it won’t be released to the public.

Ah, thanks man.

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