Help me improve my team

So I have been playing Pokemon for while and the game for me has always been more about putting the pokemon I like on my team and not caring on making a good team. After struggling to finish the last gym and the battle against Taen I decided that I needed to improve my team.
This is my current team

Delta Roserade
Ability Shadow Dance
Dark Pulse

Tyranitar( My current mega)
Ability Sand Stream
Stone edge

Ability Clear Body
Stealth Rock
Hammer Arm
Zen Headbutt
Meteor Mash

Delta Snorlax
Ability Thick Fat
Sleep Talk
Grass Knot
Body Slam

Delta Bisharp
Ability Defiant
High Jump Kick
Thunder Punch
Blaze Kick

Ability Intimidate
Hydro Pump
Ice Fang
And here is my Pokemon in my Pc. I am also willing to go out and catch any other Pokemon that could help my team

I am just looking for anything that could help my team and I mean anything, all help is appreciated!
Thank you in advance

From your pc box and stuff this is what id pick for my team

  1. Tyranitar
  2. Qualiva
  3. Magenzone
  4. Delta Scizor
  5. Corphish
  6. Abra Only issue with this line up is no flying so either replace Abra with another flying type like (Flygon, Talonflame: if you get a talonflame you can replace qualiva and keep the rest)


  1. Qualiva - (Talonflame)
  2. Golem
  3. Magnezone
  4. Gyrados
  5. D. Ralts
  6. Flygon

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I will definitely be trying the first lineup out. Thanks for the advice.

delta scizor is amazing for teams. mega is better!

Thanks for the Advice! I used the Delta Scizor about 2/3 the way through the game but he honestly didn’t seem that amazing to me. I am going to give him another try because both of you suggested I use her.

What moves would you suggest I use for her. She currently knows Cross Chop, Icicle Crash, Psycho Cut, and Night Slash.

She doesn’t have a item right now because she was in my Pc. I would also appreciate if you could suggest a item.

Personally I think he’s too slow and has a poor defensive typing to have such slow speed!

I think the ttar armor is just as effective as the mega as it can easily set up a dd or two before attacking (if you can breed dragon dance onto it of course). Would free up your mega slot for typhlosion or alakazam too!

Or of course mega delta bisharp which us just ridiculously powerful

i recommend running drain punch on scizor to have a move to heal. hone claws helps to. choose what you want, but those moves help for battles. also if you want mega improves him quite a bit. if you don’t want to use up your mega slot you might want to use leftovers to heal.

@buzzinghornets unfortunately the alakazite is unavailable in the current update

Aye but I was thinking for the future release seeing as it looks like he’s finished this update with thunderus in his box