Help me achieve a balanced team & moveset!

Hi! Noob here! Beat the demo a few weeks ago. Right now, i’m filling the pokedex and farming IV stones to max the status of my final team, which is currently formed by:

  1. Delta-Charizard (w/ delta charizordite)
  2. Volcarona (not pretty sure about this…)
  3. Delta-Scizor (w/ delta scizorite)
  4. Tyranitar (w/ tyranitar armor)
  5. Metagross
  6. Delta-Gardevoir

Would you change any of the pokemon on my team? Also, it would be great if you could help picking the right moveset for every pokemon on my team! Thank you!

I would definitely swap all of your pokemon for lvl 1 magikarps :wink: lol really doe, get life orb on D-Gardevoir and leftovers on Metagross.

You have a pretty huge ground type weakness that you should take care of. Your fire type weakness is less bad but it’s still a big hindrance.

what should i do then? Which ones on my team should i replace? Any new pokemon suggestion? I’m not pretty fond on both delta-scyzor and volcarona. Right now i’m thinking on replacing them with Togekiss/Blaziken/Gyarados… Thank you!

Honestly, I can only think of ways to change your team to my taste, which might not be your own and would be fairly drastic. I’ll try just nudging, then. That togekiss replacing something with a ground, fighting, and/or fire weakness would help out your team quite a lot, though. Tyranitar should probably be replaced by something since sand stream hurts your team more than it helps. What dies on you most often? What saves you most often?

Aside from the 4x rock weakness, Volcarona can be really powerful and has one of the best boosts in Quiver Dance, boosting spd, sp.atk, and sp.def. Like @Illcutyouifyouspam said, I would replace the Tyranitar and also Delta Scizor. You already have an ice type in D. Gardevoir which is superior to D. Scizor as it has ice/elec stab coverage as well as access to Livewire and the ice-typing is very bad defensively as it gives 4 weaknesses to the pokemon (on a side note, D. Scyther is superior for that very reason as it has higher speed and can outspeed opposing pokemon which D. Scizor won’t be able to, unfortunately its not like regular Scizor which gets a better typing combination when evolving from Scyther).

You seem to be missing a water-type on the team so I would actually suggest a Huge Power Azumarill for one the spots instead of Togekiss. The other spot could go to a ground type pokemon, Gliscor with Poison Heal holding a Toxic Orb should serve you nicely. This also gives you the option to replace Volcarona with Blaziken (if you want to) and not double up on any types.

  1. D. Charizard
  2. Volcarona/Blaziken
  3. Gliscor
  4. Azumarill
  5. Metagross
  6. D. Gardevoir

What do you think about changing both Tyranitar and delta Scizor for Togekiss and Swampert?

That would remedy a good portion of your issues, yeah. As an aside, togekiss gets no level up moves after it evolves. It has some of its best moves at level 1 so have some heart scales ready if you want it to have a decent moveset.