Help For Us Dumb Folks?

Okay so this is for everyone who, like me, enjoys this game a lot but is having trouble keeping up with patches and glitches and things of that sort. I cannot for whatever reason figure out how to fix the Giritina glitch. Can someone please help? Mind you, I’m not very computer smart.

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What glitch are you talking about?

The giratina glitch. Basically says there’s a spelling error

if it’s NOT affecting any part of important gameplay like booting up, you should be fine

Are you on 1.2.3?

Hoestly I don’t know. The last time I updated was when the finished game came out

Show us your trainer card. Assuming it says 1.2.0 or anything lower than 1.2.3, download the patch here on the forums.

What am I looking for?

Okay it says 1.2.0 so how do I make the patch work?

The time played area. The right of it will show what version you’re on.

Download patch, extract and then open that, open (1.2) core side by side, copy files from patch, and paste in 1.2 core. Should work similarly for mac as well, however if you get a merge folder option, choose that instead of replace folder.

Mind you I’m basically computer ignorant

Okay so do you have a link to 1.2.3?

Look in #announcements.

I got the new patch, now I need to make it work.

Go to your game files, and copy and paste files into the directory they are in from the patch folder. For example, in the patch, there are files in Audio > BGM. So, in your game files, go to Audio > BGM and copy/paste the files from the patch into that folder and replace them. Do that for all the folders/files in the patch.

I made it work guys thank you so much for the help!