Help changing abilities

Trading Name: prolink/ezlaturbo

Offer: A Dream Mist or IV Stone or 2 Heart Scales

Request: Either help trade My D. Haxorus and D. Meta to my main postgame account (ezlaturbo) and back, or help me change their abilities to Dream World Abilities if you are in postgame.

Further info:

I can help you trade to your main acc

Thanks a lot! What time zone are you in? I’m in PST and I usually have a window from 6-7:45 in which I can trade. I can also try later in the day, but that is more uncertain.

I can help en

Sorry, I don’t think I can trade soon unless you’re ok with trading twice. I don’t have the D. Hax I want to use, cuz I forgot to teach it Aqua Jet while it was an Axew.

Haha i can trade twice that’s fine i have nothing to do lol

Ok, how about on Monday?

That would be perfect

Can you trade now?

My wifi shutdown im sorry i think you need someone else to help you :frowning:

Ok, could you help sometime else this week then? I’m in no rush.

ah if honey isn’t, i could do it for ya? just would need the 2 dream mists for em if possible

Oh, I have one done already, I’m swapping the Ada HA Delta Axew on my main for the D. Hax on my alt. And if you could help give the D. Meta that I got from you (lol) Rock Head, that would be great. I can send it with a Dream Mist. Do you want any of the payment above?

ah i see, so i transfer the delta axew, and then also separately give the meta rock head? and that would be great :)) would u possibly be willing to give an IV stone for it ?

Sure, from the account that has the D. Axew. Can you trade now? Actually I might have to go for a bit but I can again in 45 min or so.

oh frick sirry i missed this, sure id be good for 15 mins from now xD

Ok, I’ll be ready in a moment, let me log on.

I’ll be on the ezlaturbo account to transfer the Axew. I’ll put the IV Stone on the Axew.

to be clear, i only need 2 trashmons for the transfer right?

sounds good, my name is hulaunicorns :))

Yep, I think.