Hello there! (I'm new)

Hello there! My name is Barney (irl name is Leroi but call me Barney), and I’m new to this community! I recently started playing this game on my channel (if you’d like you could check it out, I’ll leave a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-XES-x3kS8), and I’ve been wanting to join here as I need tips for my walkthrough to go smooth (sort of I still want it to be a blind let’s play).

I hope I’ll be able to fit in, I used to play a lot of Pokemon, and recently came back (In case you coudn’t tell my favourite pokemon is bagon, and I based my whole channel and avatar in other games on the pokemon). I missed playing the game that got me into video games in the first place, and I wanted to play this updated fan game again! I hope you guys will welcome me.

Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for taking the time to introducing yourself.

really, pls stop necro posting, it’s annoying


Because it alerts people who participated in these threads even those the discussions are forgotten.

well am sorry it was just trying to be kind.