Trading Name: Noct’urna

Offer: I can breed 6IV Pokémon, do specific natures, and EV-train them.

Request: Haxorite

Further info: I’m currently still playing through the game (just passed Murk Forest), and I love everything about Mega Haxorus. Except for the fact you can only get it till you’ve completed even the post-game…
So if anyone who has it doesn’t want to use a Mega Haxorus, please consider it. (I’m not even sure if you can trade Mega Stones)

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You can get the haxorite a lot earlier than that. Haxorite is accessible when getting the ability to soar. When you can soar, go to the mysterious spire. The haxorite is found right there. It’s still pretty late game, but at least it’s not post game haha.



Oh lord Bidoof I’m a doofus…
The seal is to the inside…


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