Have Shiny Ninetales

Trading Name: lesterpogi

Offer: Shiny Ninetales

Request: Offer what you can

Further info: Dont need Iv stones need mega stones

What about bred pokemon?

What Pokemon? Do you have Eevite?

I do have eevite, but i thought you werent interested in mega stones :stuck_out_tongue: I can offer 6IV adamant larvitars (+atk, -spatk) I can offer 6IV froakis (Ice bea, toxic spikes, substitute, grass knot)

I’ll give two megastones of your choice out of the list:

eevite delta venusaurite delta charizardite delta blastoisinite charizardite venusaurite blastoisinite

I can also offer bred pokemon with 5iv, EV trained, and egg moves.

I want Eevite

Eevite, and one other megastone is what you’ll get. Which would you like?

any pokemon with eevite

I can give you eeevite if you need, 5 IV stones ok?

How about one of these

and an eevite?


Delta or no

Sure. We can trade tomorrow.

no delta and froakie

why not now?

Is eevite and frokaie ok?

Because I have things to do xD

Sure… Trade


Gimme like 5 minutes to breed. Actually, the eevite costed me an arm and a leg so is 6IV adamant larvitar good instead. If not larvitar then fine.