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Have a ton of Zorua

Trading Name: GoldenDragonLeaf

Offer: 5IV Timid Male Zorua

Request: Depends, looking to complete pokedex so I will try to ask for a pokemon you can easily get at your stage in the game

Further info: Got too many of these, just trying to clear my boxes a little

I don’t actually need one, but my friend who just started playing is a huge fan of zoroark. So, yeah, I’ll take one xD. I have completed the game so I can pretty much get you anything you’d want.

Can anyone give me a contrary ability Shuckle

Offer :- Delta Noibat / Delta Female Combee

this isn’t the place for that??? You should create your own post and do it there.

in that case, I’ll take a pidgey please.


How bout an shiny ekans?

OK . Sorry

Sure thing. Ill catch one later. When can you trade?

If you’re really willing to trade that, sure, but personally I feel like a shiny ekans for a 5iv timid zorua is a little unfair

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currently, I can trade in the next hour, and from about 5pm EST onward tomorrow

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