Has anyone else seen this?


Forgot to say that 1.2 is being added to the story

Oh, I didn’t expect this to pop up here. Hi, I’m the guy who’s writing it. Glad you’re enjoying it.

(I’ve also done an X water monotype run based on Audrey called Abyssal Dreams, so feel free to take a look at that, I really enjoyed expanding on Audrey’s character. Whether or not it’s canon is an entirely different story, however)

For the record, you might not like the earlier chapters, but that’s due to 1.0’s writing, and my own writing style at the time. 1.1 was a bit better, honestly, but I’m enjoying the writing from 1.2. (I mean, it’s illegitimate, now, since I reset the 1.0 Jaern fight because it was too easy, then reset again because I already won before, so now I’m doing the challenge for fun {and yes, there will be some deaths coming up}) I’ve changed some dialogue bits, added a few things, just to give a bit more interaction. And oh boy… the second Jaern fight, I wrote something amazing for that. Look forward to that.

But anyway, this game has been really enjoyable to play. And I hope you guys enjoy reading my experience with it.

(Though, maybe it should go under Let’s Plays or Fanmade content? Idk)

– Giron_

Changed it also I will check out abyssal dreams

Saw the message also Abyssal dreams is really good do u still plan to do the rest of the dream series

Yes, I do. The Dreams Challenge that’s running atm is the SacredGold Gallade Solo, but I’m focusing on Insurgence right now.

As for the others, I can’t do Taen’s challenge until after Azurite, so after the solo, it’s Zenith’s turn next. Then I guess Persephone, then Jaern (they’re interchangeable honestly), then finally Taen. Then a Soul-Locke where the Pokemon are those 6. Heh.

Can’t wait especially for Persephone