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Hard Mode Speedrun

Heyo! I’m gearing up to do a hard mode speedrun of Insurgence, aiming for a record. This is what might be my team, but it’s just a thought.

Delta Charizard-Choice Scarf(or Venusaur)
Delta Gardevoir-D. Gardevoirite
Azumarill- Choice Band
Ampharos(If there’s any fast way to get it without the game corner, please elaborate lol)

Maybe: Skarmory for SR, Arcanine for intimidate and extreme speed, Aegislash or Lucario for sweep, Delta Roserade for special damage, Dragonite for multi scale and dragon dance

Not sure if I’ll use the Gardevoirite, though, because it’s a bit tedious to get.


Good to see you back, at least there’s one more person to distract me from the horrors of life

It’s gonna be posted on the speedrun website and my YouTube, so you’re welcome lol

can u send the link for both plzz

I haven’t made either yet, but I’m getting ready to do it
I’m just wondering what team I should use

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OH world record gl

Yep lol
Nobody’s done a hard mode speedrun yet, so I’m set :smiley:

nuzlocke? if not do HO

I’m doing darker story Insurgence Hard Mode with the latest patch and settings, Turbo Mode maxed out

Guess I’ll do any percent in a few years on easy mode

I’ve never beaten hard mode insurgence before, so I’m gonna have a difficult time lol

Also you have to have your account on speed for ten days before you can request Pokémon insurgence to have it a own category

Mk bois, I’ll have the setup ready likely today, I’m gonna attempt it today and if it doesn’t work, I’ll try tomorrow

Lol the accidental link goes to finish line

It’s already there lol


D scyther will be useful

Ohh yeah
What steel type should I get?

Ye, but nobody did it yet

There’s my speedrun acc