Hall of Fame Pokemon movesets

I haven’t gotten there yet, but does the Hall of Fame list your Pokemon’s movesets like they do in every game post Generation III? I remember being disappointed in Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald when I beat the Pokemon League, only to discover that the Pokemon’s movesets aren’t recorded.

I ask this because Mega-Eevee has four move slot syndrome so I want to plan its movesets in a way that gives each Eeveelution time to shine (which of course means I plan to battle the Elite 4 multiple times with it) but I don’t want to discover that said movesets don’t show up after beating the Pokemon League.

Nope, you will watch only the pokemon

Is there any way to record the Pokemon’s movesets? Not necessarily in the Hall of Fame but anywhere.

I don’t think

What about the Battle Frontier?

Currently it is very bugged, but there isn’t anyway to record Pokemon’s movesets. The battle Frontier are only a lot of cool battles