Gym Battle Glitch/Bug/Crash-Mac

Hello, I’ve been playing Pokemon Insurgence on my Mac, and my game crashed when encountering a battle with a gym leader (Calreath and Harmony). The gym leader does their usual speaking, and when we arrived at the battle field/platform, all the sprites stop (rain, moving flowers) and I am stuck there like that. Eventually, the script hangs. I don’t know why this is keep happening, and this happened to two of my saves.

P.S. I open Pokemon Insurgence differently- going into drive_c, program files, Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.2, and then opening game.exe with my “Wine”. Is this the reason why my game is crashing?

Using Wine might be the reason. Why don’t you just open the application you downloaded?

Something pops up relating to X Quartz 11, and I researched it, and resulting in saying that I need to unlock the firewall thing in Mac that provents malaware. I didn’t want to risk that.

Nvm it works now after I applied the 1.2.3 patch!

Alright if it worked, good for you. But the X11 Quartz thing doesn’t have to do with any malware, just try using the solution at this reddit page. (The reason I’m suggesting this is because Wine can be very laggy.)

Thank you for helping